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Ever since i was young i've always been looking for a platformer that has fluent original gameplay. I've tried  Mario, Celeste and much more. Those other games are great and all but when compared to this master piece they do fall short. I've finally found the one game, i can play for the rest of my life and appreciate the view, the scenery, the combat, the character designs and even the fluidity in character movement.  Often you hear creators say lines like "thanks for playing" but when it comes to this game i think its appropriate to say "thanks for developing" this great masterpiece i will be following your account and i will check in weekly for new amazing updates. This game marks a point in the history books as another big step in techological advancement. 

Thank you very much for this <3

Wow! That is some very high praise. XD


Great game, short and sweet with speedrun opportunity.

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Great game! i really loved it, it gave me castlevania vibes and i liked the overall gameplay. If the game gets more polished it would fit within games like "blasphemous".